Frequently asked questions.

How long will I have to stay at Brandel Manor?

  • Each resident is different and their rehabilitation time will be different as well. The rehabilitation is dependent upon the general health of the resident, the prior level of function and the current illness or injury which requires rehabilitative care.

Can I have my regular physician while at Brandel Manor?

  • Residents have the right to choose their own physician; however the physician must be willing to accept you as a patient and must be willing to come to Brandel Manor to take care for you. He/She must also be credentialed with Brandel Manor. The staff at Brandel Manor will assist you with this process at the time of admission.

Does my insurance pay for my care at Brandel Manor?

  • Upon referral to Brandel Manor by the hospital or other referral source, we will verify your health care benefits to determine what coverage you have and what the expense to you may be for co-pays, deductibles, etc. You will be made aware of this information prior to admission to Brandel Manor. Brandel Manor is Medicare and Medi-Cal certified and has a number of Managed Care contracts.

What types of clothing should I bring with me to Brandel Manor?

  • You should bring the same clothing you would wear at home, seasonally appropriate. Shoes should be appropriate for working with the rehabilitation staff and should fit well, have closed toes and no open backs.

Do I need to bring my own wheelchair, walker, or other equipment?

  • No, Brandel Manor will provide you with basic equipment such as wheelchair, walker, shower chair, etc. If you require specialized equipment or you have your own wheelchair that you wish to bring you may do so; however it must be checked in at the front desk, labeled with your name and entered on your Personal Inventory sheet.

How will Brandel know about my daily routine?

  • Staff will interview you regarding your daily routine, preferences for activities, food preferences, home medications, medical history, social history and a number of other things. You can ask to speak to the Manager for any department if at any time you need to communicate a change or something that was forgotten at the time of the interview.

Will I have a phone in my room? 

  • Some rooms at Brandel Manor may have phones, however most do not. You are welcome to bring a cell phone, or Brandel Manor has cordless phones that can be used by residents to make and receive calls. You may also contact the phone company and have a phone installed in your room at your expense.

At Brandel Manor we realize that there will be many questions that you and your family will have in the first few days following admission. We are here to answer your questions and be as helpful as possible. A Care Plan Meeting will be scheduled in the first 14 days after admission to Brandel Manor. This meeting will include members of the Interdisciplinary Team, the resident and members of the resident’s family if they so choose. This meeting is designed to answer questions, review the plan of treatment and obtain information that will be helpful during the rehabilitation process.  

For more information, please call us at 209-410-7200 or click here to request information online